How Artificial Intelligence Helps e-Commerce

How Artificial Intelligence Helps e-Commerce

Artificial intelligence can significantly improve the efficiency of operations, sales. It can also reduce costs, help create new products and services, improve the quality of customer service, automate routines and increase staff productivity. All that, you heard well. So how is that possible? Let us brighten you up!

Verifying Businesses

The introduction of artificial intelligence is of great importance in modern business. As already mentioned, it’s a very interesting tool that could help you to significantly increase the efficiency of operations, sales and reduce costs.

How so? Neural networks are trained to analyze data about customers, their preferences, purchase history and behavior on the site. This allows you to create personalized product recommendations and thereby increase conversions and sales.

Besides that, AI can help create new products and services, improve the quality of customer service, as well as automate routine and increase staff productivity. One such tool is keatext. But, it is still at its early age. Usually, such tools are created within the company so that processes can be automated. For example, a selection of 1000 different bags: each has its own parameters – length, width, color (and 20-40 more parameters), there are sales statistics for these bags, then models are built, tested and programmed in some sequence. Thus, based on the resulting functionality, it is possible to predict the success of other models that have not yet been sold.

Search by Image

AI copes with this task quite easily: company models are uploaded to the “Google service” and then integration with the site takes place. Thus, users will not be able to work directly with this service, since it is part of the functionality of the site itself (that is, it is part of the logic hidden from the user). And the user sees the “Search by Image” button and then simply receives a selection of products on the site. Thanks to this service, users can expand their horizons in terms of fashion and style.

But AI on a website isn’t just about finding products, it can also help improve the customer experience, such as answering repetitive questions, freeing operators from routine and allowing them to focus on more complex tasks. In addition, AI is able to analyze customer requests and identify common problems in the work of the company, which will help build work at a higher level.

Artificial Intelligence vs Human

Thus, the use of AI on the site and in the application leads to higher user satisfaction and increased profits for the company. Thanks to machine learning, the service can send unique selections of products to users.

For example, if AI guesses correctly with a segment, it will offer interesting images, pick up shoes, bags, clothes. For example, risks in the banking sector associated with making decisions on issuing loans can arise due to errors made by artificial intelligence, and cost the client a lot. On the contrary, in e-commerce, AI errors can manifest themselves in the form of incorrect product offers or unsuccessful promotional codes, which will not cause serious damage to the client.

Modern technologies used in e-commerce, such as artificial intelligence, make it possible to analyze user behavior data mining and predict future demand for goods. This helps increase sales and reduce company costs.

AI vs human

Is AI Reshaping Marketing and Business? 

Most certainly yes. AI-based services and solutions are becoming more and more exploited every day, their use increases profits and reduces company costs.

Chatbots will communicate with users and solve their problems. They already are. This is all marketing – from personal selections to personal promotional codes. The technology is a forecast of the popularity of goods, their purchase and sale, even personal purchases are possible. Warehouses can be fully automated using AI-based robots. In cities, delivery of goods by robots is possible. This revolutionary technology is even present in online casinos. It helps you to find the right game for you. Go on to experience an amazing slot machine time.

In turn, small companies will move to marketplaces, where, like large companies, there are budgets for the implementation of AI. Artificial intelligence is going forward at a very high pace and within ten years, it will seep in all levels of our lives.

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