The Best New Slots Designed With Us Players in Mind

The Best New Slots Designed With Us Players in Mind

Technology is all around us and helps us live in a more convenient way. In addition, tech also positively impacts how we stay entertained and how many traditional niches within entertainment operate. The casino industry is a good example and a sector which has incorporated greater amounts of technology lately.

Online casino platforms are now very popular with gamers and the preferred way to play casino titles for many around the world. This is certainly true in the US, where more states are beginning to allow their residents to legally gamble at online casinos. For avid iGamers in states where this might not be true quite yet, offshore casinos offer a handy alternative.


One type of game which US players seem to love especially is the online slot. With new slot games coming out all the time, this is easy to understand. Below are some suggestions on finding the best slots to play which have been designed with US gamers in mind:   

How to choose the best slots to play online for real money

Before you can even try to work out which are the best slot games aimed at US players specifically, you need to focus on how to go about it. With so many slots coming onto the market each month, this might not always seem easy.

Despite this, it is worth knowing what to look for in real money slots online so you can find the very best around. One thing to consider is the theme any fresh slot is based on. This enables you to find a game that you will truly enjoy playing and get a real sense of fun from.

It is also worth looking at the bonus features any slot game may come with. These can all impact how interesting they are to check out, and also how much you may potentially win on them. With this in mind, you should also look at the return to player (RTP) any slot you consider playing has. Try to find ones that are around the 96% mark or more.

It is also important to find real money slots online that have soundtracks you enjoy, FX which are in keeping with the theme and sharp graphics. All this will make them more enjoyable to play and help ensure you have the best time.

Finding the right online casino to play at is key

One extra tip to take onboard when looking for the top real money slots online is finding the a collection of the best US online casinos to game at. These sites will naturally have a range of excellent slots to sample which hit the above criteria.

Of course, choosing the right platform to game at is also a big decision and something that you should think about carefully. The below factors are worth taking into account with this in mind.

Slot game variety

The first thing to look at when choosing the best online casino for slot lovers is the choice of games in this category. It goes without saying that you need to choose a casino which has plenty of slots across multiple genres/themes from the best developers around, such as Microgaming and NetEnt.

If you have a particular type of slot you like to play, such as ones based on hit movies or TV shows, then it is also essential to check any casino you might play at carries these.

Website security

One golden rule when choosing where to play the latest slots for US players is choosing a site which has excellent levels of online security. This will ensure the casino stays safe from online hackers and protects your data and money from cybercriminals.

Good security features to look out for include SSL data encryption tech, two-factor account authentication and robust know your customer processes.

Welcome bonuses

Just as all slots will have different bonus features built into their design, all online casinos for US players will have different bonus offers for new customers. These welcome bonuses are worth focusing on and can give you some pretty cool extras to enjoy. Whether it is free spins or deposit match bonuses, it is worth looking for the best welcome offers around.

Deposit and withdrawal options

It is worth only playing at casinos online which have a good selection of safe and well-known payment options, such as VISA credit cards or e-wallets like PayPal. This not only helps you to stay secure when playing slots but also means you can deposit and withdraw money via your preferred method.

Mobile compatibility

There is no doubt that mobile play is huge in iGaming currently and the way many people like to get involved with slots. When you consider how mobile play means you can game whenever you like and wherever you are, this is easy to understand.

Due to this, you should always find a casino to game at which offers superb mobile compatibility and a good range of slots to play on mobile. Whether this is a dedicated app to download or the chance to play direct from your mobile browser, it is not something you can afford to ignore.

High payouts

We have already mentioned payout rates when talking about how to find the best online real money slots in the US. The same idea is also important when choosing an online casino to play them at. In simple terms, you should find a platform which is not only known for having high payout rates overall but also lots of slots with high return to player figures.

Types of online slot machines

Although it might seem that all slots online are the same, there are actually lots of different types to check out. This covers everything from standard video slots to progressive jackpot games or those with innovative cluster gameplay mechanics.

It is a good plan to find an online casino which has different types of slots to try. This means there is always something new to dive into and that you never get bored when playing these games online.


Best new slot games aimed at US players

There is an abundance of cool tech developments for 2023 but online casinos and the slot games they carry remain hard to beat.  Although the above sets out how to find top slots for US players and the best online casinos to try them at, you might want a few quick ideas on some recent games which are fun to try.

Razor Returns from Push Gaming came out in July 2023 and should prove a hit around the states with its nautical theme. As the sequel to the hit US slot Razor Shark, it is perfect for players around America and has plenty of bonus features to keep players interested.

Magic Tricks is another new slot which has only recently come out and should find favor with US audiences. Magic has always been something people have been fascinated with and the theme Red Tiger uses taps directly into this. With a max win of up to 10,500x your stake and a great free spin round, it has lots of offer.

Heading back to April 2023, the Red Hot BBQ slot game is also worth checking out. As barbecuing is practically a way of life for most people around the US, this is one game which is sure to appeal. The high volatility can spell larger wins, while the fun feel and awesome graphics help make it a top choice for US players.

New slots for US players to dive into

If you live in the US and enjoy trying out the latest slots online, it really does make sense to find ones designed specifically for an American audience. It is also key to think about playing slots which are not only hosted at the best casinos online but also have all the important features we have discussed above.

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